What Are Qualifying Rights?


Online Listing of Rights for Bartering or Sale

 Proprietary Business Method 

Qualifying Rights: Any and all intangibles to which one has a deed or legal right with proof of freely transferable ownership for consideration:

Intellectual PropertyPatent, trademark, idea, method, process, sequence [biology], publishing, copyright

Arts: Copy, alter, remix, combine, display, theatre play, play, playwright, perform, distribute, store, hide, creative commons, film making option

Personal: Represent, guardian, custodian, conservatorship, monitor, organ donating, trust, silence, story [telling], trespass

Business RelatedFinancing option, customer list, contact list, [business] plan, discretionary, exclusivity, first refusal, distribution, process

Real Estate RelatedEasement, passage, access, right of way, mineral, oil, gas, water, utility lines, dumping, hauling, fishing, hunting, camping, airspace, proving, testing, monitoring, land trust, non-possessory interest in land, usufruct, easement, trespass

GeneralTrust (property real or personaltangible or intangible), Deed ( passes, an interestright, or property), Covenant, Equitable servitude,  estoppel

TemporaryRestrictions, Permits, Licenses, Trackage, Absentees

OtherCreate [your own], Human, Social



  1. Assignor specifies and lists at Sell-Rights-Here™ the rights to be assigned to an assignee.
  2. Assignee contacts assignor, verifies legality, negotiates and consummates the deal by bartering some of his/her rights in exchange or pay a negotiated assignment fee to assignor.
  3. Expired listings are removed from the Sell-Rights-Here™ website of Sell-Rights-Here.com


Rules and Regulations:

  1. Rights offered for bartering or sale or for both must be owned legally by assignor as contractor.
  2. Assignee, as contracted, must qualify legally and financially to acquire such qualified rights.
  3. Verification of legality of the transactions is the sole responsibility of the contracting parties.
  4. SRH is not responsible to verify legality of the transactions of rights in any global jurisdiction.
  5. Rights to barter or sell of unequal value may be supplemented by crypto or real currencies.
  6. Transactions are peer-to-peer/person-to-person/entity-to-entity/person-to-entity/entity-to person.
  7. SRH charges a listing fee to be prepaid through Pay-Pal as: $ 1.00/day flat rate for any and all entities. 30 day min. listing, in 30 days, $ 30 increments renewed or preordered in 24 hours.
  8. Upon emailed request, for $ 30 fee, SRH assists-in listing offers, without assuming any liability.
  9. Listing is accepted with valid physical address, phone number and email address, and paid fee.
  10. If listing of profanities, illegal or offensive offers are caught, removal without refund will follow.
  11. Postings are legal offerings without the obligation of posting asking-price or -right to barter.
  12. Postings may be removed upon request before expiration; however no fee will be refunded.


  1. Some rights are formed by the act of creation and not by its registration. For instance, copyrights need not be registered to be rightfully transferred, but claimed or marked or as stated such.
  2. Other rights, for instant patents and trademarks need to be registered, for instant by the USPTO.
  3. Some rights may fall between the above categories and thus, may or may not be transferred.
  4. Some rights may be assigned to multiple persons or entities, while some to one or none at all.
  5. Some rights transfer need to be registered, while some can be transferred without any registration.
  6. In case of doubt, before listing such offers, always consult with legal experts or authorities.
  7. Online resources, such as Wikipedia, can be useful to learn about, clarify and define rights.
  8. Laws, rules and regulations vary by countries and jurisdictions, verify these before posting.


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