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Q What if I made a mistake in my listing and want to revoke or correct it?

A Once you paid for the listing, it will post within 24 hours automatically. You will receive a unique code that will allow you complete control of the listing. You may edit, or cancel your listing at any time.  Please note that all listing fees are final.

Q Can I request relisting in email or by phone?

A No. You have complete control of your listing online. Simply extend your current listing or keep your previous listings for copy-and-paste, should you need it again. Listings go in 30 days a-dollar-a day increments. You can list for 30, 60, 90, … days. Relisting previous listing counts as new listing.

Q Do I need to post pictures?

A That is optional. It often helps. For instant, a patent offering can be quickly judged just by glancing at a picture of it. A selected figure from the application will do the best.

Q How deep the description shall go?

A In the allowed 250 words, you can describe the right offered, enough to get contacted by a prospective party. Abstract from patent application describes patents best. Other rights, may be specified as you wish, but be very specific.

Q Do you collect and share information on any deals?

A No. We do not even know about such. The deal is between you as offeror and your offeree, when he/she accept your offer. Details of that and your negotiation belong to you. Keep it confidential.

Q Do I need to report my deals to anyone?

A Certain deals are regulated. It is your responsibility to check that out.

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